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Ever signed up for an online subscription with a credit card, and paid month after month because you forgot about recurring fees? Not with Vision Estimator! Just pay for what you need. Vision Estimator doesn’t require monthly or annual subscriptions. Don’t get charged recurring fees for a product you don’t use!

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Find out how to create fast, accurate and professional proposals with Vision Estimator's powerful and easy to use estimating platform.

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Industry Recognized Pricing Data

By partnering with Craftsman, you get access to a massive database of updated construction industry pricing for your proposals and estimates.

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Produce Faster And More Accurate Proposals

Create professional proposals quickly and easily. Standardize your estimating and bidding process for accuracy and efficiency.

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Why Use Vision Estimator?

icon_whyuse_stoplight_30px Pay as you go

Just pay for what you use. No monthly or annual contracts. We keep it simple so you can avoid excessive costs and fees and worry about what matters, putting together solid estimates.

icon_whyuse_speedometer_faster_30px Produce Accurate and Faster Proposals

Very often, companies that use construction estimating software are able to produce bids faster and with greater accuracy than spreadsheet users. Hey, after all...who doesn't want to be more efficient AND more accurate?

icon_whyuse_chart_pricingdate_30px Industry Recognized Pricing Data

We’ve partnered with Craftsman, a national construction cost data provider and a trusted authority for over 60 years. Tens of thousands of contractors, remodelers, custom builders, appraisers, adjusters, estimators, architects, engineers and other construction professionals in the United States and Canada rely on this cost data when it counts!

icon_whyuse_rule_standardize_30px Standardize Your Estimating Process

By utilizing our web-based application, it will can your company standardize your proposal process, and organize and manage your estimates. You’ll be able to produce standard and professional proposals containing dependable cost data, providing you piece of mind that what you give your customer or client is accurate, and looks sharp!

icon_whyuse_document_proposals_30px Create Professional Proposals

Our web-based application allows you to create professional looking and accurate proposals in a fraction of the time. Say bye-bye to those hand-written and Microsoft Excel spreadsheet estimates!


icon_whyuse_mobile_easytouse_30px Easy To Use With Mobility

Our estimating tool is super easy to use! While other providers give you complex and difficult-to-learn estimating tools, filled with features that you’ll never use, our estimating platform gives you what you need, and skips a lot of the fancy bells and whistles. From creating an estimate, to customizing and saving your very own line items, you’ll be able to write proposals quickly and easily. Away from your office and need to write an estimate on the fly? No problem! We’ve optimized Vision Estimator for maximum usability on a tablet device, so you can be productive outside of the office, without having to strain your eyes on a tiny mobile phone screen.